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Know About Our Classes:

Beginner level classes are designed to introduce students new to Pramanik yoga. Pramanik Yoga is a very precise and a systematic approach to the practice asana and pranayama. Practitioners will readily notice the details entailed and the practical application of the mental focus to the practice of asana. It is therefore essential that any new student regardless of his/her physical ability or experience with other styles of yoga join at this introductory level.

A steady foundation to all types of asanas, standing, forward bends, back extensions, twists are given at this level. Students are also actively prepared for inversions that are introduced in the following levels.

No prerequisites for beginner level. This level is mandatory for students new to the Pramanik yoga system. Beginner series may be repeated as many times as required until a student is very clear and has a proper understanding of the foundational principles as this will greatly help follow the upcoming levels.

This next level is for mature beginner students: who have a grounded understanding of the beginner classes. The teachings are much more detailed with the focus moving into deeper physiological planes. Independent and supported Inversions are taught in depth in this level in addition to a deepening practice across all categories of asana with a focus of subtler physiological details.
Prerequisites: Completion of the beginner’s level class.

Advanced approaches throwing light on how to personalize practice for an individual’s constitution as well as the multitude of ways in which props may be used to further benefit from yoga will be taught at this level. Classes are rigorous, intense and engaging and students are expected to have a steady well developed personal practice at this level beneath this level. Pranayama or breath training is introduced at this level.

  1. All participants are requested to wear collarless t shirts and 3/4 tights/ shorts.
  2. Kindly come on a light stomach.
  3. Women who are in their menstrual cycle or others that are sick must inform the instructor prior to the start of the class.
  4. Please come 10 minutes prior to class on the first day.
  5. Medical concerns, however small must be discussed with me by way of email prior to enrollment as Pramanik yoga as a system of study is deeply therapeutic and hence proper practice based on your individual needs is essential.
  6. All props will be provided in class.
  7. Fees are non-refundable.
  8. Regular, on-time attendance is mandatory.
  9. Public holidays and students absenteeism will not be compensated in terms of classes or fees.

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